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In our mission to help victims of mesh recalls, we have (and continue to) assembled relevant resources and materials on this page, and throughout the Mesh Complications website. Please note that these are posted here for informational purposes only and all site visitors and readers are recommended to exercise proper research and due diligence when visiting these resources and websites:

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Onsite Resources


Is Mesh Surgery Effective?

Mesh Recall Lawyer

Types of Hernias

Definitions - Hernia Mesh Implants


The Federal Drug Administration provides an overview of Types of Hernias, and the use of hernia mesh implants and related information. See:


Recall database can be accessed here:


American College of Surgeons - Brochures on Hernia Repair


A variety of brochures detailing issues on hernia repair and surgical procedures:


MedlinePlus - Hernia


Details on hernias, causes and related information:



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