Here are a list of definitions collected from around the web in order to try provide a better understanding of the various terms and medical 'jargon' that exists around mesh surgery and the complications associated to this.




An adverse event that occurs after the surgical reparation of hernias or other surgery. Complications can arise from the use of mesh, or even without the use of mesh within a repair surgery, regardless of whether it is on a hernia or other weakened or repaired part of the body. These complications can often be treated fairly successfully, however there are life threatening instances where more serious action and intervention is required when it comes to surgical mesh complications.


Surgical Repair


Laparoscopic: a type of surgery where the surgeon repairs internal parts by making several small incisions allowing for the insertion of tools to effect the repair. Mesh may or may not be used in this process.


Open Repair: again this type of surgery may involve or may not involve surgical mesh, however here the surgeon normally makes an incision near the damaged tissue or the hernia, to work on repairing the hernia. The use of sutures instead of mesh in this instance is referred to as primary closure.


Surgical Mesh


Surgical Mesh is the material used to repair hernias, and other areas of weakness, and is made from synthetic materials or animal tissue, and even a combination of the two. The use of animal derived products normally indicates that the mesh will be absorbable by the body, whereas the synthetic products are ultimately non-absorbable. The synthetic types are considered permanent implant devices and are meant to act as a permanent reinforcement to the hernia that was repaired.


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