Is Mesh Surgery Effective?

One of the most popular types of hernia repair is that of surgery, which in most instances involves the use of surgical mesh as a medical implant that is supposed to aid the body in repair of the affected area where the hernia has occurred.


Studies and Opinions


A recent article provided a quote of "Mesh patients were about 50% less likely to need repairs." (source). However when this is read in conjunction with a study conducted on Danish patients, that received differing types of hernia repair procedures including open mesh repair, laparoscopic mesh repair, and open non-mesh repair, significant findings were made and published. Perhaps one of the most pertinent was that of the following statement published here:


"there was a progressively increasing number of mesh-related complications for both open and laparoscopic mesh procedures"


The above study provides that hernia recurrence is reduced by the use of surgical mesh, however the complications increase because of the use of this supposed  "beneficial" medical device? For the lack of a better statement: That is nothing short of completely contradictory.


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Mesh Complications


In the same study described above, where more than 3,000 Danish patients were surveyed within the study, the complications that arose from the mesh surgery, either open or laparoscopically, were quoted as being "serious" and listed as:


  • bowel perforation,
  • enterocutaneous fistulas,
  • chronic surgical site infection,
  • late intraabdominal abscess,
  • nonhealing wounds,
  • hematomas,
  • seromas and
  • bowel obstruction


How could the 'option' of avoiding hernia recurrence outweigh the risks associated with the above possible complications, as described above?


An alarming statement made within that study also provided that "investigators (of the study) would continue to recommend the use of surgical mesh". This assumes that the 'risk-reward' ratio is stronger in favor of the surgical mesh products, however when this is taken in conjunction with the fact that surgical mesh manufacturers have recalled their mesh products, albeit on a voluntary basis, this certainly amplifies the risk associated to the use of surgical mesh in general.



Mesh Recalls


If one conducts a search on the US Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) website for surgical mesh recalls, there are no less than 22 mesh related recalls which were listed on the FDA's website - Source. No the question arises as to how effective is mesh surgery really when so many of the mesh products are being recalled? And together with the issue of complications occurring years later one only has to question the efficacy of this option in terms of a long term solution.


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