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The recall of a hernia mesh product does not necessarily guarantee that you are entitled to a legal claim against the manufacturer. However, a closer look at the various issues surrounding your particular circumstances, together with an experienced hernia mesh recall lawyer will enable you to determine whether or not you do have the right to pursue justice and possible compensation for your sustained injuries and losses.


Experience, Dedication, and Empathy


Working with the right mesh recall attorney will maximize your chances of recovering damages sustained due to injuries related to a defective hernia mesh product. Our attorneys provide experienced, dedicated and empathetic legal services to all of our clients.


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Medical Device Manufacturers Employ Teams of Attorneys


National and Multi-National drug and medical device companies employ teams of lawyers to discourage and deter victims from claiming damages due to injuries and medical expenses from them. By retaining an experienced and effective recall attorney you will be in a position of strength to fight for justice. Legal terminology and all the fine print are typical strategies that opposing attorneys employ in an effort to not only dissuade you from pursuing your claim, but also in an effort to reduce your claim to the absolute minimum. Getting an attorney on your side helps to level the playing field!


No Fees or Expenses, Unless There is a Successful Recovery


Our recall attorneys take all cases on a contingency basis, which means there are absolutely NO expenses or fees that are payable by you, unless there is a successful recovery or claim, and in which case these are recovered from the settlement amount, which is decided up front.


A No Obligation, Free Consultation


Our attorneys will provide you with a free no-obligation consultation to determine whether or not you may have a case, or would like to retain our attorneys as part of your team in fighting for the justice you deserve!


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