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Surgical Mesh Recalls

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Surgical Mesh Complications

Complications that involve surgical mesh are varied, and again one needs to consider where, how and why the mesh was used, as well as for what purpose exactly. Surgical mesh has been used and continually developed for many years, unfortunately the extent of the side effects, especially when it comes to the defective mesh products is hardly published in the way it should be. Despite researchers and investigators looking into mesh complications, no real public service or announcement is ever made as to the real findings of these research studies. These seem to remain in the medical domain, and even after the evaluation of the risks associated with surgical mesh, the very researchers continue to recommend the use of mesh within hernia repair, and other surgeries (Is Mesh Surgery effective?).


Surgical mesh is manufactured by some of the largest medical device companies, and may be under one of their subsidiaries, which may or may not be for any specific reason, however these companies have to adhere to certain stipulations and requirements when it comes to releasing and marketing their medical products. The oversight of these companies is conducted by the FDA, in the United States, and their equivalent counterparts in other countries.


Materials used within the manufacturer of the surgical mesh varies from one manufacturer to the next, and may also depend upon which surgical procedure the mesh is intended for. Surgical mesh can be made from either organic or inorganic materials, and these can be made to be absorbed into the body or remain permanently in place, again dependent on what materials are used within the manufacture process. A combination of both permanent and temporary materials are sometimes used where some of the mesh is absorbed and some remains on in the body on a permanent basis. Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) or Polyglycolide is a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer which has been used since the 1950's for sutures in wound repair and treatment, as well as surgical mesh for hernia repair, this is absorbable. The nonabsorbable counterpart that is predominantly used is that of Prolene, and which can be used together with the absorbable Monocryl. Prolene and Monocryl are trademarks of Ethicon, Inc - a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. More information on mesh manufacture and details can be accessed on the Mesh Resources page.


Some of the complications arising from surgery specific to the use of mesh products have been listed as:


  • bowel perforation,
  • enterocutaneous fistulas,
  • chronic surgical site infection,
  • late intraabdominal abscess,
  • nonhealing wounds,
  • hematomas,
  • seromas and
  • bowel obstruction


Complications, and possible side effects are detailed on this page. The effects that one may suffer from are not limited to the above and the impact of emotional distress, as well as the debilitating effects of these and other side effects can ultimately result in a wide range of possible damages that one may suffer. We have compiled a list of FAQ's for those that are battling to find answers about their surgical mesh implants, as well as whether or not the mesh has been recalled.


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